Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finals!! One more week!!

Im officially counting down the days until im FREEE!!!! lol I had one final today and my last final is on Thursday. Wish me luck!! Then I shall be free to create!! I Cant wait! I atempted to create my frist card last weekend and it came out ok. But I will get better, with some practice and ideas from the wonderful blogs I follow I should be able to make a amazing one soon!!!

Yoohooo!! Got my first comment!! lol I'm such a dork

Thank you Barb for the comment!!!
Check out her blog she has fabulous ideas and if you need supplies check out her website she has fantastic stuff for sale!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl--I know you will do great!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and following during the blog hop. I am now following you too!
    I love the name of your blog--I've not atelier in a long time--very Victorian in nature